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New managing partner at in-house boutique firm Simplex Legal sees change in how in-house teams work

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Law Times

The new managing partner at in-house boutique law firm Simplex Legal, Anoop Dogra, says the Canadian legal profession is undergoing a “significant transformation” prompting in-house legal teams to seek “more efficient and adaptable solutions” beyond traditional models, according to an article from Law Times.

Anoop Dogra, Managing Partner, Simplex Legal: "When people ask why a firm would choose Simplex, we say it’s because we provide lawyers who have seen the world – they are not starting out in the law– and they can provide good value and good counsel on a flexible basis."

Martine Boucher, Founding Partner, Simplex Legal: “Obviously, at the end of the day, we are a service business, and a client’s needs are paramount. But I think one of the attractive things from a Simplex lawyer’s perspective is the flexibility and potential for work-life balance they might be looking for.”

Read the full article here.

Carrie Trent
Epiq, Director of Communications & Public Relations