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What are AI Models and How Can Review Teams Leverage These Tools

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Asian Legal Business

Using solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to assist with document review is now an accepted practice in the legal community. With the overwhelming amount of data to review for a case or investigation, practitioners continue to look for defensible ways to reduce datasets. The use of analytics such as continuous active learning, concept analysis, clustering and solutions that can detect similar documents are becoming increasingly necessary, according to an article published by Asian Legal Business.

Alex Hung, Advanced Technologies Consultant, Legal Solutions, Epiq: "Portable AI models are the new tech tools to watch. The use cases and maturity will only continue to expand as more organisations become aware of how these models work and what benefits they can offer to legal and other departments. Now is the time to monitor new industry and court developments, evaluate investment opportunities with providers offering pre-built or bespoke models, and discuss potential use cases with leadership teams."

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