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Epiq AI Expands Legal Solutions as Part of the Epiq Service Cloud

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Epiq Service Cloud clients can now use integrated Microsoft AI capabilities to transform their businesses with legal intelligence and data-driven decision-making 

NEW YORK – March 5, 2024Epiq, a global technology-enabled leader to the legal industry and corporations, announced today the latest Epiq Service Cloud AI solutions and AI-enabled analytics applications and dashboards built on Microsoft Azure.   

With data security, data management, and access control features, the Epiq Service Cloud enables legal departments and law firms to accelerate innovation with the ability to build, adopt, and nurture AI model libraries and data sets tailored to legal and compliance use cases.  

Epiq’s Metrics that Matter solution, powered by the Epiq Service Cloud, is a cornerstone of Epiq Legal Service Management. Through this legal analytics solution, clients can gain real-time insight into activity, measure progress, identify areas for process improvement, and enable benchmarking. Metrics that Matter is built on a service layer enabled by Microsoft Azure Databricks, Microsoft Fabric’s Azure Data Factory, and Microsoft Power BI, with plans to integrate Azure OpenAI Service for conversational interaction with the data. Epiq experts collaborate with clients to define KPIs, build dashboards, and create data frameworks to automate data collection and analysis securely. 

In contrast to the use of multiple point solutions, prevalent within legal, integrating AI services and applications directly into the Epiq Service Cloud and leveraging Epiq Advisory consulting services, gives legal professionals access to data to make informed decisions across the legal enterprise. The Epiq Service Cloud hosts Epiq services, including Epiq AI, eDiscovery, compliance, reporting, and advanced analytics. The cloud-native platform will also introduce a managed, secure generative AI platform for clients, including prompt management and traceability, that takes advantage of the latest AI models later this year. 

  • Epiq AI Extensibility Model: Available in 2024, Epiq’s extensibility model enables clients to innovate faster by accessing a large marketplace of legal-specific language models and developing custom AI models, all managed on the Epiq Service Cloud to ensure data security, privacy, and compliance. 
  • Expert Consulting and Advisory: Legal departments and law firms can access Epiq AI consulting and advisory services to ensure that they use AI effectively, responsibly, ethically, and in a compliant and secure manner.  

With the latest advancements in Copilot for Microsoft Power BI, users can pose “what if” questions to the data structured by Epiq intelligence and receive actionable insights instantly. 

“Conversational interfaces enabled by Copilot for Microsoft Power BI and generative AI bridge data repositories with prompts accessible to a wide range of users, not just data scientists,” said Roger Pilc, President and General Manager of Legal Solutions at Epiq. “Naturalizing the interactions between humans and AI in this way has the potential to revolutionize legal services and fully realize our vision of helping our clients achieve Legal Service Management.”  

“Epiq’s AI innovation is a testament to the power of next-gen AI platforms,” said Chief Data & AI Officer, Software & Digital Platform, Microsoft, Eduardo Kassner. “By using Microsoft Fabric and Microsoft Power BI, Epiq has created an AI data and analytics platform that provides legal professionals with the metrics and insights they need to make informed decisions. Epiq’s AI-powered Metrics that Matter and data intelligence layer are two examples of how Epiq is helping legal departments and law firms manage data-driven reporting, identify cost savings opportunities, and providing actionable insights to clients.”  

Epiq AI solutions provide relatable tools for legal professionals including:  

  • Custom Copilots: Legal departments and law firms increase productivity with Epiq’s custom Copilot development, using tuned, relevant agents and predictive models, to build legal AI assistants with secure retrieval augmented generation to define and limit the search area for accurate results. Epiq’s custom Copilots are developed to handle inquiries related to positions like General Counsel, a Head of Legal Operations, and a Law Firm Partner to help manage specialized workflows across operations, eDiscovery, and compliance.
  • AI Text Summarization: Legal professionals can quickly locate and communicate key findings more effectively through concise and accurate summaries of large volumes of text produced by Epiq using the power of Azure OpenAI Service, reducing hours of analysis to minutes, enabling teams to focus on higher value work.
  • Responsible AI Adoption, Data Security, and Management Consulting: Clients benefit from end-to-end support rolling out Azure Purview, improving collaboration, productivity, and security while mitigating implementation risks. Epiq supports clients in integrating new Microsoft Security Copilot capabilities as they become available. 
  • Epiq Data Intelligence Layer: Epiq uses the power of Azure to build, store, and deliver more than 100 expert-trained and industry-specific models that clean, enhance, and enrich legal spend data to guide legal departments in identifying cost savings opportunities.
  • Knowledge Search for Law Firms: Utilizing Azure OpenAI Service, Epiq's proprietary knowledge search empowers legal professionals to find and fully leverage a firm's experience and expertise. Utilizing Azure OpenAI Service capabilities and semantic search our platform collates knowledge sources, provides conversational access to knowledge and answers, and adheres to AI governance processes and practices, delivering a next-generation search experience. 

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