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Epiq Announces Partnership with Fortune 200 Technology Company to Provide International Shipping and Office Services Solutions

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NEW YORK – Dec. 6, 2022 Epiq, a global technology-enabled leader to the legal industry and corporations, announced today its partnership with a California-based subscription streaming service and production company.

Epiq will provide international shipping and office services for office locations and will support the operational transformation initiative to migrate from physical to digital mail. To support these services, Epiq has retained and onboarded 100 percent of the client’s mailroom employees to ensure the continuity of services and employee culture. As part of the onboarding process, Epiq also provided leadership and development opportunities to these employees.

When selecting a strategic partner, the client was seeking a vendor that could improve the overall mail and outbound logistics experience, as well as rapidly implement a flexible service delivery model, utilizing both on-site and off-site mail processing. Along with meeting these immediate needs, it was key to partner with an organization that could provide value beyond just managing costs. The partner needed to be able to help create a foundation to design and implement innovative solutions and strategically drive operational excellence, enabling the client to focus on core services while achieving maximum efficiencies.

Most importantly, as their strategic vendor would be onboarding their employees as their own, it was a priority that the selected partner align with the company’s values of creating an employee culture where team members can thrive. Epiq’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program, the Epiq Charitable Foundation, as well as its approach to employee development and career pathing were important in the selection process.

“Epiq’s approach to providing our clients with innovative solutions begins with our customer’s strategic goals in mind,” said Michelle Deichmeister, President of the Global Business Transformation Solutions business at Epiq. “We believe that achieving end-to-end transformation is done collaboratively through understanding each client’s unique needs and organizational vision. We are especially thrilled to have been selected as the strategic outsourcing partner for this technology company, given its own history of innovation and disruption.”

Epiq’s ability to devise unique, creative solutions and present a strategic roadmap to not only meet their current needs but also provide a foundation for future transformation was a key differentiator throughout the vendor selection process. By partnering with Epiq, the client is able to open the door to long-term operational transformation in an environment where team members can flourish, grow and access development opportunities.

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