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AI Adoption Readiness - Enhance Security, Governance, Risk, and Compliance of Data in the Era of AI

  • Webinars

Join us for an informative webinar hosted by Microsoft and Epiq, focusing on how Microsoft Purview can help your organisation prepare for data security, governance, risk management, and compliance management in the era of Generative AI/Copilot.

In today's digital landscape, where Generative AI is rapidly gaining traction, organizations across Europe face significant concerns around protecting sensitive data, mitigating risk in AI applications, and establishing effective governance strategies. This webinar will address these challenges and offer practical insights into utilising technologies like Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals with responsibilities in data security, privacy, governance, compliance, risk management, records management, or legal operations. This session will serve as a key resource for those aiming to excel in data governance and AI adoption.

What's in Store for You? During this session, our experts will cover:

  • The importance of knowing your data in the era of AI
  • Overview and demo of Copilot for Microsoft 365
  • Planning and implementing your data security strategy
  • Practical approaches to mitigating risks in data governance