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DIY eDiscovery Part 14 - Optimizing Search and Keyword Panel Management

  • Webinars

Join us for an in-depth exploration of Epiq Discovery's search filters and keyword management tools. This webinar will guide you through the process of building effective filter templates, search term reports, and introduce you to the new Keyword Filters Management tool.

Gain practical knowledge on using the search builder, navigating the content search pane, and integrating keyword hits into coding forms and document lists. Our session will also highlight best practices for maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of your data searches within Epiq Discovery.

Why Register?

This webinar is essential for both seasoned Epiq Discovery users and newcomers looking to enhance their eDiscovery and investigation processes. Attendees will gain valuable insights into:

  • Crafting and utilizing filter templates for targeted data sets.
  • Leveraging the Keyword Filters Management tool for refined searches.
  • Implementing best practices in search builder utilization.
  • Enhancing review processes with keyword integration in coding and document viewing.