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Got Data? Put it to Use!

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If you’re frustrated that you don’t have the data you need at the right time with the right context to drive improvement, you’re not alone.
Hyperion Research benchmarking data shows that less than a third of legal departments have metrics to support a top priority for legal departments – getting the right work into the right hands. While legal departments have made tremendous progress in generating and cleansing data in recent years, it’s not always the right data at the right time for the right people, and our study shows that only 30% believe their metrics are well-defined and curated.

Help is at hand! Download this resource to obtain practical guidance for developing your department’s Metrics & Analytics program, including:
• How to make the case for metrics resources and focus
• Examples of metrics that achieve hindsight, insight and foresight for decision-making
• Tips for selecting KPIs – and a catalog of options!
• Advice on how to get started and avoid common pitfalls
• Pointers on building dashboards and employing data visualization for effective story-telling