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Contract Drafting and
Negotiation Services

How can we help? 

We provide experienced lawyers to draft, review and negotiate contracts, enabling your department to keep up with the demands of the business.

Get answers to your questions or learn more about Epiq's Contract Drafting and Negotiation Services.

Why Drafting and Negotiation?

Keep up with your business

Keep up with the business during spikes in commercial contract volume.

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Standardize your contract generation

Standardize your contract generation language to lessen the intricacy and effort of negotiations.

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Support for your contracts

Support for contracts whose terms are outside the expertise of your department .

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Update playbooks

Update playbooks and templates to enable your department to work faster and more efficiently.

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Why Epiq? 

Epiq Counsel lawyers have expertise across industry sectors for seamless integration with your team.

Get questions answered and learn more about Epiq's Contract Drafting and Negotiation capabilities.