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Epiq can work around the clock to identify Personal Data and quickly create notification lists for even the most complicated cases

When a data security incident occurs affecting non-structured data, including ransomware events and high impact email compromises, document review by trained and experienced experts is often required. Immediate responses and high levels of accuracy are necessary, and you can’t afford to miss capturing crucial data.

Every data security incident is different, however, and comes with its own needs and requirements. While some organizations may have straightforward needs, such as creating a single notification list from a variety of data sources impacted by an incident or breach, other needs are more complex, such as keeping data in source countries during review, or complex sets of notification lists that reflect that organization’s responsibility for data from multiple other organizations. Bolstered by years of operational experience, Epiq’s Cyber Incident Response Practice is ready and available to meet any challenge, and to do so within statutorily mandated timelines, whether the affected data be Non Public Personal Information (NPPI), Personal Health Information (PHI), Family Education Rights and Privacy Act data (FERPA), or other sensitive business data.

Epiq Strength

  • Ability to work around the clock using review teams located around the globe
  • 300+ reviewers specializing in Cyber Incident Response
  • Dedicated Cyber Incident Response Practice with specialized expertise and the ability to implement tailored review services
  • 300+ Cyber Incident Reviews completed

Epiq Service

Document review and Personal data identification: Fully managed document review to identify NPPI, PHI, FERPA, or other sensitive data, whether related to national or international guidelines, utilizing flexible staffing of experienced reviewers and credentialed privacy professionals. Includes comprehensive quality assurance processes, multilingual support, global document review centers, and a Tier IV data center in the U.S. and data centers that meet or exceed Tier III standards internationally.

Notification List Creation: After identifying all exposed personal data, Epiq creates custom notification lists to meet the needs of each impacted client. List creation includes eliminating gaps in data and de-duplicating the data to identify actionable notification needs within virtually any timeline.

Epiq’s expert services, AI-enhanced data identification and reduction, and document review solutions directly reduce review costs while delivering industry-leading accuracy and quality.

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