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Simplifying claimant payments in class action cases

Over the past several years, we have seen global trends changing the face of commerce as we move toward a world where seamless digital payments work securely, anywhere, on any device.  This is why Epiq has built and launched our proprietary platform, EpiqPay.

Learn more about how EpiqPay can streamline and simplify your disbursement needs.

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EpiqPay offers an easy, convenient, fast and secure payment distribution method to claimants while lowering settlement distribution costs for our clients.

EpiqPay Digital Payment Platform Benefits

Streamlined real-time tracking of claimant email receipt and continual monitoring of email interactions.

Lowered costs by eliminating physical check postage expense.

Secure website with no app download required offering several leading payment network options including Amazon, Mastercard, PayPal and more.

Claimant ease and satisfaction with diverse payment network options through desktop or mobile device.
No Prefunding of Payment Vendors.  EpiqPay only debits the settlement fund once a payee makes a payment selection, which allows for better control of settlement funds. 
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Loree Kovach

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Client Technology

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