AACER Court Data & Process Automation

Epiq AacerEpiq AACER is the market leader in U.S. Bankruptcy Court data, workflow automation software and services that lowers risk, reduces costs, and accelerates business processes allowing Customers to do more with less. We provide a scalable SaaS application for lenders, loan servicers, law firms, and investment firms who need to leverage industry-leading credit default data to improve operations.

AACER provides access to electronic court records from every court in the United States. AACER also provides completely customizable and scalable solutions based on your organizational needs. Whether you need automated debtor notification and bankruptcy case monitoring, bankruptcy case process management, case research, data extraction, loan audit services, automated document creation, filing and mail fulfilment, bankruptcy cashiering services, customized data reports, or all of it, AACER is the solution. Our offerings include system-to-system data exchange through integrations with APIs and web services to drive results directly into your systems. This allows for easy consumption of data that allows for additional automation of your internal processes. 

Simply put, we empower our clients to supplement, improve, or replace, critical processes that leads to reduced operating cost, reduced risk, and increased revenue.

All courts, all documents, all the time

AACER was designed with simplicity in mind. Our easy-to-use interface with automated or on-demand search features and advanced filtering allows you to search across bankruptcy cases and claims registers in order to deliver the data you need. The age of the case doesn’t matter—if it’s in the courts’ databases, AACER gives you access. With AACER, you can find whatever you need to manage your case or portfolio.

Easy, automated, advanced bankruptcy case search

The days of manual, inconvenient PACER-based searching are over. AACER delivers automated bankruptcy case search across all active electronic court records for specific events. These include:

  • Case closing
  • Abandonment matters
  • Amended schedules
  • Notice of final cure
  • Order confirming plan
  • Plan amendments before confirmation
  • Plan amendments after confirmation
  • First meeting of creditors
  • Disclosure statements
  • Dismissal events
  • Discharge
  • Notice of assets
  • Conversion matters,
  • …and many more

You can filter results by numerous criteria with one click. It’s never been easier to receive bankruptcy case search updates.

Substantially reduced search costs

The more our users search and retrieve documents from courts, the less expensive it is for other users. As the largest user of bankruptcy court data in the United States, this crowd-sourced cost reduction is meaningful in reducing your costs.

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Industry leading notification services

AACER APIs minimize human errors, manual steps, and risks that accompany origination, servicing, investing, and other activities. Seamlessly integrate with AACER services and court data through a REST (Representational State Transfer) API.  This integration will allow you to search, monitor, obtain case details, and more for all of your portfolio loans or selection of loans, without human intervention. We also offer integration with web services for exchanging data using standardized XML messaging.



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