AACER Court Data and Process Automation

Epiq AacerAACER is a leader in court data and associated process automation, serving loan originators, loan servicers, collection agencies, investors and lawyers. AACER’s data automation, portfolio management tools and managed services drive operations cost and risk reduction, revenue recapture and investment insights.

Like the Federal Judiciary’s case management/electronic case files (CM/ECF) system, AACER provides access to electronic court records from every court in the United States. But that’s just the start. AACER delivers completely customizable and scalable solutions based on your organizational needs. Whether you need automated debtor notification and bankruptcy case monitoring, bankruptcy case process management, case research, data extraction from within documents, loan audit services, automated document creation, filing and mail fulfilment, or customized data reports—or all of it, AACER is the solution. We offer our services on-demand and through APIs and web services to drive results directly into your systems so that you may further automate on your end. Simply put, we empower our clients to supplement or reinvent their critical processes to reduce cost and risk, and make more money.

All courts, all documents, all the time

AACER was designed with simplicity in mind. Our easy-to-use interface with automated or on-demand search features and advanced filtering allows our users to search across and within bankruptcy cases and claims registers to deliver the data you need. The age of the case doesn’t matter—if it’s in the courts’ databases, AACER gives you access. AACER enables you to find whatever you need to manage your case or portfolio.

Easy, automated, advanced bankruptcy case search

The days of manual, inconvenient CM/ECF based searching are over. AACER delivers automated bankruptcy case search across all active electronic court records for specific events. These include: case closing, abandonment matters, amended schedules, notice of final cure, order confirming plan, plan amendments before confirmation, plan amendments after confirmation, first meeting of creditors, disclosure statements, dismissal events, discharge, notice of assets, conversion matters and many more.

You can filter results by numerous criteria with one click. It’s never been easier to receive bankruptcy case search updates.

Substantially reduced search costs

The more our users search and retrieve documents from courts, the less expensive it is for other users. And, as the largest user of bankruptcy court data in the United States, this crowd-sourced cost reduction is meaningful in reducing your costs.

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Industry leading notification services

Tracking one consumer or company across the U.S. bankruptcy court system on the chance they file a bankruptcy case is time-consuming and complicated. Tracking thousands only adds to the complexity. AACER is used daily, in all sectors of the industry, to identify new bankruptcy filings across the U.S. bankruptcy court system. Our services include full social security and partial social security, multi-variable identification, and consumer and commercial debtor identification. AACER delivers the highest precision available, including confidence scoring, case coversheet data parsing, links for easy docket access and file formatting for easy consumption of data into users’ internal systems.

Additionally, AACER Notification includes reporting of case discharges, dismissals, closing or case conversions with associated transaction dates. With AACER, you’ll receive notification and up-to-date electronic court filing data automatically in the event your debtor files a bankruptcy case. Plus, you can fully and easily comply with all collection and related bankruptcy requirements.

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Efficient case monitoring to manage bankruptcy matters nationwide

Whether monitoring 100 cases or 100,000 cases, AACER automatically delivers critical information enabling you and your staff to efficiently and effectively manage case work, and investment and credit portfolios. AACER uses customized queue creation, management oversight and end-to-end audit and reporting capabilities to maximize your bottom line. Case monitoring highlights and tracks critical case activity, safeguarding completion and compliance in every matter.

Customize your preferences

AACER case monitoring uses our proprietary algorithms to search all the court dockets and registers, including for more than 65 key case events. Monitoring results can be delivered on your schedule, including daily and on-demand, in multiple formats as a downloadable spreadsheet, through our AACER intuitive user interface for quick processing and management oversight and even directly into your system to automatically trigger additional activities. Additionally, AACER reports and online tools eliminate lengthy navigation and login procedures with seamless access to the data you need. AACER enables labor and document cost savings and ensures compliance.

Audit and compliance

With AACER, you can get tailored reporting for internal compliance requirements, external audit or to satisfy investor demands. Through our easy-to-use interface, you can audit your staff’s work as well as track the work of outside counsel, including through claims register monitoring and our proprietary tool for confirming search activity. AACER eliminates time and cost for both financial institutions and their counsel.

Automated reporting

Eliminate the need to manually search through traditional channels for key case events and documents. We deliver only critical docket and claims information into workflow queues you customize to best suit your processing needs, immediately streamlining your internal workflow. You gain full case and staff management, with a full activity audit suite. With AACER Disposition Monitoring, you’ll receive a daily report of disposition changes, giving you a clear picture of relevant electronic court records including dismissals, closings, discharges and conversions recorded for all your cases during the previous business day. It’s the ultimate in efficiency, dramatically compressing your timelines and increasing your ability to react, and is a vital component for credit reporting.

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We are unique. AACER provides all manner of data extraction from within documents, including the gamut of key bankruptcy court filings, and related reporting. We pair our leading, proprietary document extraction and optical character recognition (OCR) technology with our expert managed services team to ensure you get the key data you need whether 1,000 or 1,000,000 data points. This includes to automate your loan servicing operations, loan audit activities, document production for mailings, investment decision making or for whatever your use case.

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Our leading loan audit services blend experienced, expert bankruptcy analysts with proven, proprietary data and process automation to reduce costs, cut risk, increase turnaround time and allow for easy scaling up or down. We displace the many costly, time-consuming and lower-quality steps required by other on-shore and off-shore solutions to deliver exactly what you need.

Use AACER for loan onboarding and ongoing maintenance audits, servicing transfers, regulatory remediation, payment history reconciliations (including prior servicer history), point-in-time data analysis for various stages of bankruptcy, investment due diligence and more.

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Our proprietary fulfillment automation platform allows you to create documents for filing or mailing, file documents, including in bulk, throughout courts in the United States, and mail documents anywhere in the world. It helps you reduce cost, ensure compliance and timeliness, and allows for efficient management of fluctuations in volume. Our platform was developed through years of experience managing bankruptcy administration across Chapters 7, 11 and 13, and interfaces with the Federal Judiciary’s CM/ECF system. Together our leading, proprietary document creation automation platform and globally-reaching mail fulfilment services create a complete end-to-end solution.

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AACER cashiering replaces old manual processes of tracking and mapping trustee payments across your entire portfolio. Reduce your cost and risk, and recapture income.

Traditionally, a trustee delivers vouchers and payments to a creditor using the mail. Then an individual uses the mailed information to manually identify which payments are associated with which loans and accounts, and finally posts the payments. This process causes material delay between the time payments are made and posted, and requires meaningful staffing that is subject to human error.

AACER cashiering uses our proprietary algorithms to automatically retrieve trustee payment data and map that data against your corresponding loans. The payment information is then available for posting into your accounting system. No manual matching process is required. Funds are available days and weeks sooner.

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With AACER APIs, we offer a variety of ways to minimize human errors, manual steps, and risks that accompany origination, servicing, investing and other activities. Seamlessly integrate with AACER services and court data through a REST (Representational State Transfer) API with an option to structure responses in JSON or XML. This means that you can search, monitor, obtain case details, and more for all of your portfolios or cases without human intervention. We also offer web services for exchanging data over the internet using standardized XML messaging. All AACER services are available with API access.



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