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Ready For Some More Holiday Cheer? Check Out Epiq Angle’s Top Blogs From This Year!

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The end of the year always brings opportunity to reflect. Keeping with tradition, we analyzed the traffic to our 2023 blog posts to see what piqued our readers interest the most. What we found was a focus on innovation for legal and business processes. With transformative technologies like generative AI trending, risk and benefit analysis are crucial. Factoring in cybersecurity, information governance, economic conditions, and the value of actionable business intelligence is key. This helps organizations develop better strategies around embracing innovative technologies, remain compliant, control costs, and safeguard data.

We hope our readers have enjoyed the array of topics in our blog this year and are excited for what 2024 will bring. To all of you checking out the Epiq Angle, we hope your holiday season and new year is filled with joy. We appreciate your continued support!

Take a Look at This Year’s Trending Topics

The most popular topics from this year included generative AI, cyber attack methods such as deepfakes, the intersection of information governance and data security, the role of ALSPs in today’s legal climate, and current bankruptcy trends.

Here are links to five of our top blogs from this year covering these topics:

Generative AI
Generative AI and Business: The Basics and Benefits – Part 1

Deep Fakes
Deepfakes Bring Deep Risks

Data Minimization
Minimizing Data to Minimize Exposure: Information Governance and Data Security Overlap

Third Generation of ALSPs
Welcome to the Third Generation of ALSPs: The Future of Legal Service Delivery

Real Estate
Correlating Commercial Real Estate and Bankruptcy Trends

The contents of this article are intended to convey general information only and not to provide legal advice or opinions.

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