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Epiq streamlines review for a US-based insurer with a two-week deadline and 500GB of data

  • Insurance

client need

Process, review, produce approximately 500GB data in less than 2 weeks

A large US-based insurer had a hard deadline of two weeks to process, review and produce all records.

why Epiq?

Epiq is a preferred vendor for this insurance carrier, meaning a team could jump right in and get started on the work without delay.

Epiq solution

Epiq processed over 500GB of data and culled it down through standard global deduplication, search filters and delisting to 125,000 records.  Epiq then applied email threading and advanced analytics via Technology Assisted Review (TAR) to further bring the set down to 75,000 for review.  By deploying these additional filters and assigning Epiq’s Managed Review Services to this matter, Epiq was able to review all documents and roll productions through the two-week period.  In addition to the workflow deployed, Epiq also performed a privileged review and was able to identify less than 500 records for final production.