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Case Study: Epiq Creates a Centralized Word Processing Support Center for an Amlaw 100 National Firm

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Amlaw 100 National Firm


United States

Client need

An Amlaw 100 national firm was looking to create a centralized word processing support center for their users. The firm had a decentralized, inconsistent process in place creating a different experience for each user, based on location.

Client solution

The Epiq team launched a 24/7 centralized word processing service, and traveled to each of the firm’s 13 offices throughout the U.S., spending time in each location to work with the users and to review the type of support each practice group required. This level of detail was then shared with the Epiq trainer for incorporation into the training review sessions for the Epiq support team.

Why Epiq

Epiq was awarded the contract and began working closely with the client to understand their work environment and focus on their key objectives

Results and Benefits


word processing

Scalable Options

for projects and firm growth

Establish Practices

that align with the 
firm’s culture