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Case Study: Multinational Technology Manufacturing Company Improves Contracts Processes with CLM Implementation

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Multinational Technology Manufacturing Company


North America

Client need

The client was experiencing delays and inefficiencies in contract negotiations, customer requests, and contract approvals. Processes were manual, which led to time-consuming internal tracking and contracts summarization. The client could not proactively manage contracts obligations and tap into their data to measure performance, causing compliance risks.

Client solution

Epiq experts partnered with the client’s legal department to implement a new CLM tool. The key components of the solution included:

  • Automation and Workflow: The CLM software streamlined the contract creation, approval, and workflows processes, reducing the need for manual intervention
  • A Centralized Repository: All contracts were stored in a secure, centralized repository, making it easy to access, search and retrieve contract data
  • Tracking and Alerts: The system was configured to monitor regulatory changes, internal policies, contractual obligations, and other contract milestones throughout the contract lifecycle
  • Analytics and Reporting: The client gained valuable insights into contract performance through the CLM solution provided analytics and reporting tools

Why Epiq

The client needed contracts solutions experts that could support both the change management and implementation plan for their CLM implementation. By integrating a central repository of contracts, instituting tracking alerts, and adding reporting tools the client now has enhanced contract visibility and additional features leading to increased productivity in their contracts process.

Client Quote

“On behalf of our team, thank you for your expertise and delivering the results we expected. We confidently shut down our legacy solution today, and are looking forward to our new CLM solution, both literally and figuratively.”

Results and Benefits


new CLM tool users; trained and supported.

Transitioned from manual data and contract entry to CLM solution.


new workflow that connects 3 departments.


contracts were migrated to the repository.

Assignment and Approval Stages