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A partnership for the future: generative AI and in-house legal

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Thomson Reuters

The legal industry is in the exploratory stage of adopting generative artificial intelligence (AI) and similar technologies (see Know how article “AI and law: reshaping the legal industry”). Effectively adopting generative AI requires a nuanced understanding of key issues, including the accuracy and reliability of AI outputs, cost-effectiveness, data privacy adherence and bias mitigation, according to an article written by Epiq's Richard Robbins and published by Thomson Reuters.

Richard Robbins, Managing Director, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Legal Solutions, Epiq

Generative AI holds the promise of making it easier to identify and deliver relevant insights from data. This use case is more aspirational, but these tools could be helpful for interpreting data and presenting the results. When it comes to managing external counsel and matter management, generative AI may make it easier to spot issues in budget management, panel relationships, billing practices and performance management.

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Carrie Trent
Epiq, Director of Communications & Public Relations