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How Epiq Built a Foundation of Organizational Visibility with Axonius


With Axonius, Epiq gained greater visibility into its environment, has a better understanding of where technologies are deployed, and increased efficiencies across the organization. Epiq now has a quick way to identify security gaps so they can be addressed immediately, according to a case study from Axonius.

Alyssa Miller, Chief Information Security Officer, Epiq

“When I think about Axonius and how important it is to our security program, words can't describe it. This tool is a key piece and an inherent element of everything we do. It drives our automation, discovery, and key portions of our strategy. Axonius provides the luxury of being able to evaluate where we stand by quickly visualizing our gaps as we build out our cybersecurity program."

Read the full case study here.

Carrie Trent
Epiq, Director of Communications & Public Relations