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OCGs are Legal Contracts

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Understanding the obligations outlined in Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCGs) is essential for law firms seeking to uphold their client commitments and streamline their operations. These guidelines encompass a range of critical aspects in the law firm-client relationship, spanning billing practices, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, data security, records retention, and privilege.

Beth Anderson, Director, Contract Solutions, Epiq: "Most OCGs will have detailed billing, payment, and expense terms. These can include requirements that the firm use a specific e-billing system, restrictions on the type of timekeepers who are allowed to work on a project (e.g., not allowing summer or first-year associates to bill on a project), restrictions on block billing, and provisions regarding rate increases and/or rate freezes. Understanding these billing restrictions and requirements is imperative to ensuring that firms are billing their clients fairly and not leaving money on the table."

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Carrie Trent
Epiq, Director of Communications & Public Relations