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Surged by Demand, Epiq Expands Consulting Capabilities to Launch Epiq Flex IG Talent

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Experienced information governance technology professionals support in-house departments, bringing tailored skills to a broad range of industries

NEW YORK – April 4, 2023 – Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to the legal industry and corporations, announced today the launch of Epiq Flex IG Talent, a new offering of experienced Information Governance (IG) professionals to support in-house departments.

In a MIT 2022 survey of Chief Data Officer’s “52 percent of CDOs said they have insufficient resources to accomplish their goals” and cited this as a top challenge to achieving their objectives in 2023. Epiq’s governance experts will help clients thread the needle of information governance in a way that simultaneously ensures cost-efficient information management and strict compliance with all pertinent laws and standards.

Epiq Flex IG Talent expands upon the proven success of Epiq Counsel, its flexible legal talent service, launched in 2020. Epiq has extended its outsourcing services to now provide companies with flexible talent experienced in scalable privacy, records management, data protection, eDiscovery, eCommunications supervision, and insider risk management.

 “As a trusted global services provider, Epiq is able to quickly recognize opportunities for our clients and – by leveraging our global scale and infrastructure – provide legal and information governance talent on a flexible, cost-effective basis,” said Epiq Legal Solutions President and General Manager Roger Pilc.

Whether needing a skilled IG professional for a specific project, supplementing staff because of budgetary constraints, or requiring a particular level of skill, Epiq Flex IG Talent provides the necessary expertise, on an hourly or fixed monthly fee basis, so in-house departments can focus on their highest priorities.

“Data has become the most important asset many companies have, and managing those resources is at the heart of information governance,” said Epiq Vice President of Information Governance Services Jon Kessler.  “Our experts can quickly learn your business and provide advice to ensure your organization’s information assets are used effectively, defensibly, efficiently, and securely. We tailor our approach to the specific needs of the business to help keep pace when workloads spike and bridge gaps caused by leaves, attrition, or hiring freezes.”

By adding to Epiq’s ability to incorporate the best possible combination of people, process, technology, and data within our client’s in-house teams, Epiq Flex IG Talent is part of Epiq’s broader Legal Service Management vision for unified professional management of legal services by modern legal departments.

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