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Epiq Launches Global Information Governance Services to Manage Sensitive Legal and Corporate Data

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NEW YORK – September 19, 2019 — Epiq, a global leader in the legal services industry, today announced enhanced information governance services to help clients efficiently and compliantly manage their electronically stored information in all environments, including on premise servers, in the cloud, or in hybrid systems.

Moving to the cloud increases internal collaboration capabilities and can be a transformative shift for high performing businesses. Epiq now has improved capabilities to help companies, globally, drive efficiencies in their business, control their data management and eDiscovery costs, as well as reduce the risk of regulatory-related fines.

“Information governance is a not a single, one-time event; it is a journey,” said Tammy Klotz, director of information security at Versum Materials. “The art is balancing protection and productivity to match your organization’s risk appetite. You cannot do this alone. We have had a couple of false starts and it wasn’t until we worked with Epiq and Microsoft that the path became clear. Epiq listened, challenged, and ultimately helped us map and deploy the solution. Epiq helped us by minimizing wrong turns and avoiding significant construction delays.”

“Epiq has provided compelling information governance service offerings to clients for years and has helped clients navigate the complexities of managing data,” said Roger Pilc, president of legal solutions, Epiq. “Our capabilities have substantially increased since 2018 when we acquired Controle LLC, an innovative information governance-focused SaaS software and professional services firm. With the additional expansion of our global information governance practice, Epiq is uniquely able to provide clients with the industry’s most robust and efficient tools to control digital information and mitigate regulatory, compliance, and security risks.” 

Epiq has a strong command of the industry’s best data privacy practices, particularly in the areas of data compliance, data migration, and data security. The new information governance services at Epiq include:

  • Data compliance: Microsoft Office 365 data compliance enablement services at Epiq help clients configure solutions to address requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and other data privacy laws and processes, including data subject access requests. Additionally, Epiq helps enterprises create legally defensible retention policies and strategies as well as assists with data discovery and classification.
  • Data migration: Epiq supports migration of legacy workloads and disparate data stores to the cloud, including email, SharePoint files, on premise files, and social media data. The suite of services provided by Epiq includes legally defensible migration and deletion methods that help reduce overall costs for an enterprise.
  • Data security: Microsoft Office 365 data security services at Epiq help clients enable the complete suite of services offered in the Office 365 Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) Suite. The service manages security breach identification, incident response, security score improvement, and data breach notifications. As part of this process, Epiq helps clients execute the proper data classifications needed for effective EMS Suite usage.

Bolstering these services, Epiq has increased its global privacy compliance expertise by hiring a breadth of talented individuals who support and manage the Microsoft Office 365 data security and compliance services at Epiq. The information governance team of experts has proven experience in privacy policy, compliance, information management, security, and information technology in addition to offering robust consulting services in North America, EMEA, and APAC regions.

Epiq is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and participates on the Microsoft Security and Compliance Partner Advisory Council, which is an invitation-only council of experts who advise on Microsoft 365 product development. 

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