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2023 Filing Trends and What to Expect in the Year Ahead

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In partnership with American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI), this webinar provides an insightful analysis of both commercial and consumer bankruptcy filings. Our focus includes:

  1. Market Observations: Leveraging data from Epic Bankruptcy Analytics, we'll explore the current state of bankruptcy filings, offering a snapshot of the market as it stands.
  2. Future Predictions: Drawing from the latest data, our experts will present predictions for the coming months, guiding attendees in anticipating emerging trends.
  3. Strategic Focus for 2024: We'll help professionals align their practice with the evolving trends and data interpretations for the upcoming year.

Key discussion points will address the end of federal stimulus, rising costs, inflation impacts, and shifting consumer behaviors in the post-pandemic era. Additionally, we'll explore global influences like the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza and their effect on market volatility, along with the significant legal challenges in restructuring.