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Bankruptcy Filing Trends Developing in the First Half of 2023

  • Webinars
  • Financial Services

Year-over-year bankruptcy filings have shown solid increases across most chapters through the first six months of 2023. What trends have emerged this year in consumer and business filings? How do filings compare among different stakeholders and regions of the U.S., and will the trends continue for the second half of 2023? ABI and statistical partner Epiq Bankruptcy Analytics collaborated for a special abiLIVE webinar during which experts discussed first-half filings of 2023, and in what direction bankruptcies may be headed.


  • Deirdre O’Connor (moderator) (Epiq)
  • Ed Flynn (ABI)
  • Gregg Morin (Epiq) 
  • Christopher A. Ward (Polsinelli)