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DIY eDiscovery Webinar Part 11 - Hidden Gems of Epiq Discovery

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Feel like you're only scratching the surface of what Epiq Discovery can do? Whether you're an existing user or new to the platform, this webinar is your treasure map to the lesser-known features that can transform your eDiscovery and investigations process.

What Will You Learn?

Streamline Your Work: Uncover the power of processing settings and templates. Enhance Document Handling: Dive into the world of annotations, hyperlinks, and continuous redactions. Stay in Control: Illuminate the benefits of Project Dashboards and reporting. Actionable Document Management: Explore bulk redactions, transcription, and modification features.

Key Takeaways Sharpen your team's skills in automating and reviewing workflows. Learn how to capitalize on lesser-known features for a more efficient eDiscovery and investigations process. Get your questions answered by our team of professionals. Leave the session with practical advice that will elevate your Epiq Discovery experience.