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Mail Management Services

Epiq can help support the day-to-day management of your mailroom, and innovate with technology, such as digital mailroom, to ensure your remote workforce receives critical mail in a timely manner. 

Epiq supports our clients’ mailroom management by providing delivery and pick-up services throughout client office locations for all inbound mail – including interoffice and first-class mail. Additionally, we efficiently and responsively check all outgoing mail and packages for proper postage and correct packaging, which helps with safety and timely delivery to recipients.

In addition to traditional mailroom services, Epiq offers technology-enabled digital mailroom (DMR) solutions that ensures teams receive critical mail on time. At its core, DMR is the electronic delivery and intelligent routing of physical mail to employees, no matter where they are. Using cutting-edge technology, this solution automates and reduces manual processes, increases visibility into operational effectiveness, and enhances information governance strategies and compliance.

Our document processing offering includes:

Stop watch

Increased efficiency

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Consistent digital delivery

computer books

Connected related workflows 

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Governance & Security 

computer books

Easy communication to mailroom 


Why choose Epiq as your business transformation partner?

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team is comprised of Experienced and highly-trained personnel in each client location.

Subject Matter Expertise

Epiq’s team of subject matter experts (SMEs) is second to none in the legal industry. We have a deep understanding of all processes to ensure unapparelled service delivery.

Service Integration

As a full-service business process outsourcing company, we have a specific methodology for integrating formerly siloed business functions to achieve optimized labor value, ensuring high levels of resource utilization, productivity, and providing enhanced career growth opportunities for top talent.

Technology-enabled reporting

Technology enabled reporting and operating procedures allow for consistent service levels and response times.

Global Footprint

Our international footprint allows us to provide localized administrative support, as well as “follow-the-sun” solution that leverages time zone differences, local talent pools, and compensation differences to provide efficient and cost-reducing solutions for our clients.


We can scale our operations quickly so that our clients can respond to market shifts and demands in a timely fashion.

Continuous Innovation

Epiq is committed to proactive, agile management of our operations. We will continually offer recommendations to leverage/automate existing processes, add/enhance technologies, and measure, track and report on key metrics critical to an efficient operation.

Meet the Team >>

Meet the Team >>

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