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Blockchain Investigations

Understand and respond to legal and investigative challenges posed by blockchain

Due to the emergence of a decentralized Web3, distributed ledger technology has quickly become part of the world’s technological landscape. As a founding member of the Blockchain + Legal Industry Group, Epiq is a thought leader on related real-world eDiscovery concerns. We can assist your company with cryptocurrency and blockchain-related investigations and litigation.

Work with forensics specialists who can help you trace transactions within a blockchain

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Forensic Collection

Identify evidence of cryptocurrency transactions on public blockchains

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Forensic Analysis

Analyze blockchain transactions, including Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Know Your Customer (KYC), leveraging Epiq experts who utilize industry-leading tools

ISO Certified 9001 - 2015

Transaction Lifecycle

Trace the transaction lifecycle of cryptocurrency assets that are part of litigation

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Identify, secure and preserve cryptocurrency activity, assets—e.g., wallet and transactions

Integrate all of our forensics services into your current and future matters through the use of Epiq’s forensic managed services offering.

Leverage Epiq’s cryptocurrency litigation document review expertise

Epiq has consulted and been engaged on cryptocurrency related litigation. Our thought leadership on the topic and dedicated management group who is well versed in the subject matter provides Epiq with an advantage when it comes to providing document review services to your cryptocurrency or blockchain-related litigation.

Take a deep dive into crypto-related topics

Smart Contracts
600M+  documents
$500M+ total savings

Improve your knowledge with the Blockchain + Legal Industry Group

Epiq is a founding member of the Blockchain + Legal Industry Group that seeks to analyze and find solutions for legal/compliance/privacy/security and regulatory issues that corporations and other organizations face in the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with the belief that addressing such issues will allow for broader blockchain/cryptocurrency adoption. The group also seeks to identify and support the adoption of blockchain for the digital transformation of certain legal functions/operations. The group brings together academics, technologists, business executives, and lawyers.

Blockchain and Legal Industry Group

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