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Credit Monitoring

Together with respected consumer credit reporting agencies, Epiq  offers a one-stop shop for credit monitoring services and ID theft restoration solutions.

Monitoring and protecting your credit is an important form of protection against identity theft and is an critical step in maintaining a great credit score. Monitoring your credit can inform you of various important changes, such as:
  • New inquiries
  • Balance changes
  • New accounts opened
  • Accounts closed
  • Derogatory and delinquent accounts or events

Build a proactive defense against identity theft through Epiq's Credit Monitoring and ID Theft Restoration services.

Paying attention to monitoring your credit can let you know of potential identity theft and cyber incidents, giving you the information you need to take immediate action to protect your credit.  

Credit monitoring services include:

  • ​One-bureau and three-bureau options

  • Online daily credit monitoring

  • Fraud alerts

  • Identity theft insurance  

Identity theft solutions include:

  • Coverage for the entire affected population
  • Police report filings and third-party negotiations
  • Quick and effective identity restoration for adults and minors
  • Dedicated team of highly-skilled restoration specialists to work on behalf of customers to restore identities

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