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Address Scrubbing

Return Mail Tracking

Reduce Costs and Increase Notifications

Epiq offers return mail tracking, address scrubbing and searching to create efficiencies and reduce mailing costs. 

Return Mail Tracking

Returned mail tracking, address updating, and remailing increases notification success. In compliance with federal and state data breach notification laws, we record every document or email that did not initially reach the recipient. All our standard mail is sent first-class, which automatically sends returned or undeliverable mail back to us for recording, storage, and additional address research, if necessary. Also included with first class mail is postal forwarding information from the U. S. Postal Service, so we can update addresses and re-mail, increasing the success rate of mailed data breach notifications.

Reduce costs with address scrubbing and deduplication methods. Contact Epiq for assistance with Return Mail Tracking.


Address Scrubbing and Searching

Reduce printing and mailing costs through standardization and elimination of duplicate data. When we receive affected individuals’ email or physical addresses, we perform deduplication and address scrubbing to make the information “mail-ready.” We also run all records through the USPS address verification database upon request. This standardizes and updates addresses to the latest available information for greater delivery success. It also finds and eliminates duplicate data so that multiple data breach notices are not sent to the same recipient, reducing printing and mailing costs.

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