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Epiq helps overcome the most common governance and data security issues with proprietary data classification methods.

It's common for businesses of all descriptions and sizes to have reserves of sensitive information that must be protected for reasons of legal compliance and organizational reputation. It's likely that your own company possesses this content and is investing time and budget in controlling and monitoring access to these files.

These processes, when insufficiently automated, introduce unnecessary risk alongside their relatively high costs. Fortunately, there is a better way to manage your content within Microsoft systems.

The Importance of Data Protection and Information Security

While protecting data has always been important to maintain the trust of internal stakeholders and customers alike, recent years have solidified the stakes around information governance. Legislation such as the EU's GDPR, as well as the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) and the upcoming California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), has established stringent regulations on the way you store and control access to content while setting up penalties for failure.

The data stored and accessed through your cloud-based or on-premise Microsoft applications can range from sensitive customer data to protected intellectual property and staff records. All of this content deserves a governance and information security strategy created by experts.

Common Data Classification and Governance Challenges

Complicated factors are impacting your organization's ability to create an effective data protection strategy. Only by developing a cutting-edge approach that suits your business can you deliver the assurances regulators, stakeholders and clients are looking for.

But keep in mind that an effective information governance and protection strategy does not originate in technology alone. Even with cutting-edge software deployment, there is still a risk of human error leading to data loss.

You must combine that technology with the people and processes that will ensure it is used to its fullest extent. Compliance and governance are legal matters, not pure IT questions, meaning you will need multifaceted expertise to develop the best possible solution. Furthermore, business process designs must support the newly developed data classification and storage methods.

Today's content is larger in scale and greater in complexity than ever before. Without an accurate and automated method for tagging the content, important information can slip through the cracks, raising the specter of data loss. To implement a functional classification strategy, your organization will need buy-in from stakeholders throughout the business, which can prove difficult to attain.

A More Efficient and Effective Approach to Data Classification

Teaming with Epiq as your expert partner and advisor for information governance can represent a quick, painless way to deliver the data protection performance your organization needs. As a Microsoft Gold partner and named the FY20 Top Microsoft 365 Compliance Partner, Epiq is recognized for providing exceptional data management solutions and services.

The resulting strategy will enable the automatic classification of content generated and shared by the organization, with rules for retention and deletion tied to relevant laws and your organization's internal policies. Taking greater control of all data, wherever it is stored and however widely it is shared, is a valuable approach that saves time and effort for your internal team while tightening data security: At the first sign of potential unauthorized access, relevant stakeholders are alerted.

An engagement begins by identifying the way data is classified at present. Next, Epiq's experts define the unique usage requirements dictated by your business processes. Those requirements are then mapped to a policy and new classification rules are defined. Implementation takes place within 90 days, delivering peace of mind on your timeline.

Advantages of an Epiq Engagement for Information Protection

Epiq data classification and governance engagements are carried out with the help of a proprietary software tool known as eGovern™. This solution works with Micorosft's information protection utilities to deliver a greater level of security for your vital content.

As with all good information protection strategies, Epiq's tailored engagements are about people and processes as much as they are technology. By developing a customized strategy that will accelerate user adoption of new practices, our experts create a unique approach that is best equipped to produce results for you.

Due to the widely varying types and quantities of information stored by companies, as well as the differing regulations based on their locations and industries, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to data classification and governance. By creating a new strategy that takes your existing practices and business objectives into account, you receive the perfect implementation for you and your needs.

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