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Epiq Facilitator™

Proprietary claims administration platform designed to support multi-party litigations.

Epiq’s proprietary claims administration platform, Facilitator, is designed to support multi-party litigations. The software is highly configurable to permit different access levels, specific, read-only views, and is part of a secure web platform in which tailored roles, permissions, and workflows complement our tailored claims administration design – to bring to life your litigation as it moves from administration to payment. For mass tort, Epiq Facilitator provides a centralized database facilitating the collection of fact sheets, census form data, supporting litigation documents, and medical records. In class action cases, Facilitator provides instant access to case information, including status of notices sent and claims received.

Epiq Facilitator™ enables multiple parties to work together and provides simple and advanced search options for basic case access as well as sophisticated analysis such as mapping, geography, injury profiles and reporting metrics on status of cases at various stages of the process.

Facilitator is a world class information security infrastructure, where data is:

(1) hosted at a Tier 5 data center

(2) remains encrypted at rest

(3) is part of a HIPAA-certified network controls environment that follows the HIPAA regulations through physical safeguards, technical safeguards, and administrative safeguards.

Our controls undergo multiple annual audits, including an annual third-party audit and report of the control’s environment. Simply put, client data is secure with Epiq, whether protected health information, claimant confidential information, or otherwise, with design controls that respond to the nuances of the parties’ agreements.

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