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EpiqFiling Claims Management Portal.

File, track, and review your securities class action claims quickly and easily with EpiqFiling.

View the status of claims submitted in securities settlements administered by Epiq in one user-friendly dashboard.


Quickly and easily understand which claims to prioritize at any time.

Avoid time-consuming back-and-forth emails regarding claim status.

Eliminate the risk associated with providing confidential information via email.

Protect your clients’ data with the most secure, efficient, and trusted claims management portal.

Quickly access associated documents.


Sort by claim number, account number, beneficial owner, and claim status.

Gain immediate visibility into acceptance of data and feedback for any rejected data.


Provide updates to claims and receive and respond to defect letters through the portal.

Save time and costs with EpiqFiling

• Familiar and intuitive dashboard interface shows case lists and details.
• Secure logins for individual users.
• Multiple users can view the same dashboards.
• Access to platform tutorials and videos.
• View and respond to defect letters through the portal.
• Secure access and data storage protected by Cloudflare.
• Cross-border compliant with the ability to handle claims from anywhere.


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