The Tension Between Competition and Tech Are Gaining Global Attention

Both U.S. agencies are reviewing the situation and seeking ways to change antitrust policies to regulate big tech more tightly.

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Legal Operations: The Driver of Digital Transformation

“Legal operations” encompasses a wide range of business processes and activities that help the legal department run more efficiently and steadily grow.

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Pandemic Continues to Force Businesses to Explore Bankruptcy

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the U.S. economy so deeply that it will take a long time for businesses to recover, if they can recover at all. Many commercial industries have been turned upside down in the course of just a few months. The restaurant industry has been the hardest hit industry along with the travel and hospitality sectors rising in the ranks of impact severity.

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Got a Mass Tort? Tips on Building Your Case

Tasks such as completing the plaintiff fact sheets and reviewing medical records can quickly become overwhelming, especially when court deadlines are fast approaching.

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