Five Best Practices to Ensure Compliance with Cross-Border Data Protection Laws

As data continues to span across the four corners of the globe, lawmakers worldwide strive to keep up the pace with regulations. The European Union has the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which provides comprehensive protections over private consumer data.

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Top Five Mistakes Made When Collecting Data From Nontraditional Sources

Collecting electronically stored information is a common practice for eDiscovery practitioners in today’s digital world. One of the things that makes this task more difficult over time is the overwhelming amount of new and emerging technologies constantly entering the market.

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Class Action Email Notifications: Separating The Settlements From The Spam

A huge issue that class action litigators face is how to improve consumer notification and increase participation in class action proceedings. Many people simply ignore class action notices and miss filing their valid claims. In September 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a report about the effectiveness of class action settlements regarding consumer awareness and involvement, The report is titled “Consumers and Class Actions: A Retrospective and Analysis of Settlement Campaigns” and its focus is how email notification affects class member participation.

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California’s Proposed Ethics Rules Are Setting The Stage For Legal Technology

The task force noted that “…trained non-lawyers, or certain forms of technology, may be able to provide accurate legal advice in faster, cheaper, and more innovative ways than lawyers can.” A revision like this would include the need for limited licenses and possibly a new regulatory body. Regulations would need to hold non-lawyers to the same ethical standards as lawyers and account for confidentiality concerns.

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