Can Technology-Assisted Review Expedite Finding the Cure for COVID-19?

Typically, if you hear “technology-assisted review” echoing in a room, you’re probably in a courtroom. Surprisingly, that may no longer be the case. Maura Grossman and Gordon Cormack are taking technology-assisted review (TAR) out of the courtroom and into a new frontier – the science lab.

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Digital Mailroom: A Vital Component of your Information Governance Strategy

It can be difficult to bridge the gap between digital and physical data in an Information Governance program. With multiple types of data entering an organization that require proper storage, managing the various items can become an information labyrinth. However, there is an option to streamline this process which is becoming a popular option with business.

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Pandemics and Force Majeure: How can AI help you?

Reviewing for clauses can be a tedious task, especially since many organizations have thousands of contracts with differently worded clauses.  So, how can attorneys efficiently get through all these  clauses to ensure they are complaint?

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The Power of Adaptability To Insure Business Continuity During COVID-19

The full impact of COVID-19 is yet to be determined, but it is certainly taking a toll on both the global economy and our day-to-day lives. However, organizations with well-constructed and tested Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) will suffer the least amount of business disruptions during this time of uncertainty.

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