The Future of eDiscovery Post COVID-19

While COVID-19 and remote work news abounds, one thing legal professionals may have not yet considered is how COVID-19 related changes may alter the eDiscovery process forever.

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Three Key Benefits of eDiscovery Metrics Reporting

Litigation and investigations are expensive for corporations, but enlisting outside help or going to court is often a costly prerequisite.

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New Facial Recognition Technology Further Blurs the Line Between Privacy and Innovation

It’s been a long time since facial recognition technology was considered mere science fiction.  Today, facial recognition technology has risen in popularity, making it commonplace and easily accessible.

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Legalweek New York 2020: The Time Has Come for Lawyers to React Proactively to Data and Technology

Lawyers must not only stay up-to-date on the latest legal technology trends, but also be proactive about implementing emerging solutions into their practice and ensuring smooth onboarding and adoption.

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