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It’s Settled: Mass & Class 2024 Was A Success!

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Editor’s note: This is part one of a series highlighting Epiq’s 2024 Mass & Class conference.

Approximately 200 professionals attended Epiq’s third annual Mass & Class conference March 4-6 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where Epiq presented an impressive group of judges, court-appointed neutrals, and some of the best plaintiff and defense attorneys in the class action and mass tort industry.

The sold-out educational retreat covered many compelling topics, including case resolution strategies and exit options, how opt out class actions are evolving globally, and ethics in multidistrict litigations, to name a few.

“We had such an incredible turnout again this year,” said Lauren McGeever, Managing Director of Epiq’s Class Action & Mass Tort Solutions, who chaired the event. “The attendees I spoke with were impressed by how open and impactful the panel discussions were. They left Mass & Class with a better understanding of what is important not just to the other side, but to the judges and neutrals as well.”

Mass & Class is unlike any other conference in the industry, distinguishing itself in two ways. The court-appointed neutrals select the topics and moderate their panel’s discussions. And the lively back-and-forth between the neutrals, judges, defense attorneys, and plaintiffs’ counsel provides attendees with an inside-baseball look at how current issues are impacting decisions throughout litigation and settlement.

Participants could also obtain CLEs.

In addition to some of the leading figures in the judicial system, Epiq subject matter experts shared key insights across several panels, including:

  • Nicole Hamann, President: Allocation Modeling in Mass Torts
  • Cameron Azari, Senior Vice President: Consumer Class Action Notice/Fraud
  • Lauren McGeever, Managing Director: Opt Out Class Actions Around The Globe
  • David Garcia, Vice President: Early Exchange of Information, What Works for Both Sides
  • Sylvius von Sauken, Managing Director: After the Handshake
  • Loree Kovach, Senior Vice President: Third-Party Discovery in Antitrust
  • Amanda Sternberg, Director: Mass Torts in Bankruptcy
  • Deborah Forsythe, Senior Consulting Director: Navigating Priority Right of Recovery

Epiq CEO David Dobson was on hand during the welcome reception to share opening remarks with the crowd.

Hamann said she was grateful to the speakers for giving so much of their time preparing for the event and sharing their wisdom during the panels.

“We had panelists and attendees from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, as well as from across the U.S.,” Hamann said. “We appreciate all their efforts and dedication to make time in their busy schedules to join us and support Mass & Class. I have already received so many requests for the dates for next year, and we will be releasing those soon.”

Mass & Class is organized by Stephanie Carlson, Marketing Manager at Epiq, and was sponsored by Huntington National Bank, Western Alliance Bank, CyEx, First Watch Technologies, Mass Tort News, RebuttalPR, First Fire Marketing, and SmartAdvocate.

The contents of this article are intended to convey general information only and not to provide legal advice or opinions.

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