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Minutes Matter in Modern Legal Practice

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In litigation and investigations, every minute matters.  Having access to information at a moment’s notice can be critical.  Imagine, a settlement agreement comes in after hours and the partner on the case needs to know the amount spent to date on the discovery component of the case right away.  Let’s say you are in-house counsel overseeing a massive investigation and need to report to the business side in a matter of minutes the status budget of the case.  What do all of these situations have in common? Each person needs immediate access to their data.

In today’s legal climate, easy access to metrics matters. There are so many potential instances where having data at your fingertips can help quickly guide strategy and make informed decisions. 

Transformative Opportunities

Seeking out innovation is crucial to thrive in the era of modern law. Litigation and investigations are picking up speed and there are more case demands. Many law firms have gone global. Remaining informed, having access, and being cost-conscious are important. These are key drivers in the practice of law today, which now encompasses the need to innovate and view matters through a strategic business lens.

Lawyers want and need readily accessible data to make key decisions about their cases and facilitate new ways of working. In a dynamic and collaborative workspace, it is crucial to have access to all data versus merely relying on what a particular team member has saved on their desktop. One way to increase efficiencies is through technology and partnerships. This can help fill process gaps, eliminate challenges associated with time zones, and overcome roadblocks to information access.

Choosing the Right Solution

Having confidence and visibility into the backend infrastructure that any business partner deploys is a necessity. Law firms and corporate counsel must keep this in mind when choosing an alternative legal service provider (ALSP) for litigation and business needs. Look for a strategic partner that offers a dependable, modern global infrastructure. But what does this look like? Here are some features that fit the bill.

  • The capability to seamlessly integrate services and technology into an organization’s internal infrastructure and security controls.
  • A modern cloud platform that provides ease of use and access to all information that the ALSP manages for the organization. Some key components to look for are single sign on, user support, client visibility, application access to view all case data, on-demand reporting, and mechanisms to submit requests.
  • Solid security controls that provide peace of mind that client and other sensitive data is safe. With hackers looking for any way to get personal information and regulators cracking down on data privacy, this should always be a top priority.
  • The use of best-in-breed technology to create interactive business intelligence reports. The ability to access analytical reporting empowers organizations to make better business decisions.
  • Customization options so organizations can mix and match services with ease. Every case is different and organizations have varying approaches on how to handle matters.

Having a strong cloud-based data management platform providing instant access to data enables corporate legal departments and law firms to meet deadlines, capture institutional knowledge, and derive actionable insights from comprehensive data analytics. In a legal climate where minutes matter, this is an invaluable tool that not only will redefine the ALSP relationship but also foster transformation.

The contents of this article are intended to convey general information only and not to provide legal advice or opinions.

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