Epiq Experts Apply Multiple Analytics Tools to Cull and Prioritize a Cross Border, Multi-Lingual Data Set

  • Case Study
  • Law Firms

client need

A coordinated approach to collection, translation, data reduction, and review hosting for a project that spanned two continents

The client, a law firm, wanted to avoid review duplication and implement a globally coordinated workflow for a cross-border matter with a huge data set. The matter fell under multiple jurisdictions, and the firm faced tight deadlines for forensic collection in Germany, regarding processing, translation, data culling, and developing a coordinated, efficient review workflow.

why Epiq?

Epiq’s global presence, forensic collections expertise, understanding of jurisdictional data privacy regulations, and Client Services support were critical in coordinating this matter.

Epiq solution

Combine advanced technologies with Epiq expertise

Epiq utilized teams in EMEA and APAC, for the project. The EMEA forensics team collected 4TB of data from Germany, while the APAC team worked with data from Japan. Epiq Client Services professionals used machine translation tools to translate documents into English. With the documents translated, they could de-duplicate across sets, eliminating the need for redundant review of documents.

Epiq’s data analytics consultants performed ECA on the resultant set, and reduced the review pool to 200k documents. TAR and Continuous Active Learning were used to prioritize documents for review. These tasks were accomplished through daily correspondence  between the two teams.

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