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Epiq Announces Partnership With Boston Law Firm To Provide Comprehensive Office Services

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People, process, and technology drive efficiencies across front and back-office operations

NEW YORK – May 20, 2024 — Epiq, a global technology-enabled leader to the legal industry and corporations, announced today a new office services partnership with a Boston-based law firm to provide mail management services; copy, print, and production services; and, hospitality and reception services. This marks the seventh large new strategic outsourcing deal announced by Epiq already in 2024.

The firm selected Epiq based on its proven ability to provide a superior front-of-house and back-office experience while achieving a cost savings for the firm. This experience is curated through comprehensive training programs, commitment to process innovation, as well as an ability to capture productivity metrics and enact a data-driven strategy – all while empowering a continuously optimizing operational model.

“At Epiq, our focus revolves around understanding our clients’ needs and providing rightsized solutions that enable operational transformation through highly skilled talent, process automation, and technology-enabled solutions,” said Michelle Deichmeister, President of the Global Business Transformation Solutions business at Epiq. “Every day, we help organizations experience a higher quality of output across their core functions as well as a reduction in long-term costs.”

Epiq’s understanding of the evolution of client pressures and priorities has helped it to become the trusted advisor to 93 of the Am Law 100 law firms, 47 of the Fortune 100 companies, and thousands of other brand name organizations across the world. Its global team of experts, specialists, and leaders in their fields are stationed across 19 countries and on-the-ground at hundreds of client sites. By leveraging its expertise with utility players, process improvement, and quality, Epiq is able to embed with clients’ strategies to outsource front- and back-end processes.

About Epiq
Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to the legal industry and corporations, takes on large-scale, increasingly complex tasks for corporate counsel, law firms, and business professionals with efficiency, clarity, and confidence. Clients rely on Epiq to streamline the administration of business operations, class action, and mass tort, court reporting, eDiscovery, regulatory, compliance, restructuring, and bankruptcy matters. Epiq subject-matter experts and technologies create efficiency through expertise and deliver confidence to high-performing clients around the world. Learn more at

Press Contact
Carrie Trent
Epiq, Director of Communications