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Epiq Announces Strategic Partnership with JusticeBid to Further Enhance its Diversity Analytics Services

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NEW YORK – January 27, 2022 — Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to the legal industry and corporations, announced today it has entered a strategic partnership with JusticeBid, a diversity analytics and e-sourcing platform, to further enhance Epiq’s diversity analytics capabilities within its Legal Transformation Services portfolio of offerings. Epiq will also apply JusticeBid’s capabilities to its own external counsel.

“Epiq is broadening our own commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by joining the JusticeBid platform, ensuring that we have diversity statistics for our external counsel,” said Alison Wisniewski, Chief Legal Officer.

Through Epiq’s new strategic partnership, the Epiq Legal Transformation Services group will help clients interpret the diversity metrics from JusticeBid and analyze outside counsel diversity results, set priorities, and monitor and enforce performance through ongoing spend management activities.

“Understanding your outside counsel’s DEI statistics is a foundational step that all corporate law departments should take, and we’re thrilled to work with JusticeBid to make it easy for ourselves and our clients to gain that visibility,” said Peter Eilhauer, Managing Director Epiq Legal Spend Management, adding “We know this is just the first step. We’re excited to work with our clients who prioritize diversity so we can help drive real change within the legal industry.”

JusticeBid optimizes corporate law departments’ DEI programs by taking on the burden of complex diversity data tracking of outside counsel, thereby saving in-house resources, enabling law departments to skip the data collection and analysis process, and at the same time, significantly reduce the number of firmwide surveys that law firms are asked to complete.

“We are delighted to be working with the Epiq Legal Transformation Services team. This is a great brand to welcome into our mission supporting diversity in our industry and we feel the partnership announced today represents real progress for the legal industry,” said Omar Sweiss, Founder & CEO of JusticeBid. “Bringing our data and platform together with Epiq’s strategy expertise puts focus on diversity in our community.”

About Epiq Legal Transformation Services
Epiq Legal Transformation Services help in-house departments meet near-term challenges and plan for a digital, technology-enabled future, including legal spend management, contracts management, flexible legal talent, and legal department consulting. For more information on Epiq and its transformation services for the business of law, visit us here.

About Epiq
Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to the legal industry and corporations, takes on large-scale, increasingly complex tasks for corporate counsel, law firms, and business professionals with efficiency, clarity, and confidence. Clients rely on Epiq to streamline the administration of business operations, class action, and mass tort, court reporting, eDiscovery, regulatory, compliance, restructuring, and bankruptcy matters. Epiq subject-matter experts and technologies create efficiency through expertise and deliver confidence to high-performing clients around the world. Learn more at

About JusticeBid
JusticeBid, headquartered in Chicago, is a minority-owned diversity analytics and e-sourcing company transforming how companies embed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into their business operations through data intelligence and transparency tools, and is a founding member of the “Operation Empowering Change” initiative designed to facilitate DEI data collection to support change in the legal industry. Legal operations teams also rely on JusticeBid’s robust RFP/e-auction SaaS technology to save time and money in sourcing legal services, while driving diverse representation on their matters. Learn more at

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