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In-House Counsel's Guide to eDiscovery

  • Law Firms

Metadata, terabytes, forensic images, slack space, email archives. When did they teach this in law school? Most in-house counsel are unlikely to use these terms in daily legal practice. But for in-house counsel who manage eDiscovery activities, these terms get committed to memory very quickly. There are numerous best practice treatises and articles that outline the case law requirements, the tools that can be utilized, and the overall architecture of an eDiscovery program.

What seems to be missing is the practical application of all those great principles to a profit-making entity. Because be clear on one thing – the corporation exists for its bottom line. If you are not a law firm, all the legal and risk management theory in the world is not going to matter when you are trying to convince someone that they need 12 more servers for your discovery efforts.

Download this white paper for a complete guide to eDiscovery for in-house counsel.