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Metrics that Matter

Use data to make faster, better decisions.

Access data integrated from multiple technology platforms to ensure better visibility and control of legal department activities.

  • Extract ROI from technology investments by consolidating data across legal technology platforms.
  • Gain real-time insight into legal department activities. Show progress against business objectives across financial, operational, efficiency, performance, service level, legal operations, and outside counsel dashboards.
  • Quantify and convey value by aligning legal department KPIs to meet business and C-suite reporting requirements.

Key Features


Extract ROI from Technology Investments

  • Leverage data operationally for effective decision-making.
  • Consolidate and gain insight from cross-functional data sources and legal technology platforms (Enterprise Legal Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, IP Management, and Compliance ).
  • Deliver audience-specific metrics and insights filtering data across sources to get insights per user.
  • Identify gaps in your data.

Legal Performance Management

Operational Efficiency
Process Flow
Performance Tracking
Service-Level Evaluation
Outside Counsel Scorecards
Legal Operations Metrics Reporting

Quantifying and Conveying the Value of the Legal Department

  • Define and align legal department KPIs to meet business and C-suite reporting requirements.
  • Achieve cost savings and efficiency goals.
  • Drive performance roadmaps and report achievement in support of organizational goals.
  • Benchmark for comparative analysis, and guide course-correction.
  • Accessible dashboards that provide high-level operational and financial metrics, and strategic insights.