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Overcoming eDiscovery Challenges of Utilizing Collaboration Tools 

As workforces have gone remote due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, companies have begun to rely on collaboration tools that help mimic the traditional workday with activities such as chat, allowing one another to have face-to-face interactions, share documents, etc. While using these tools with remote work helps streamline operations and promotes efficient collaboration, especially in a time where regular business processes have been disrupted, data collection, adhering to compliance requirements, and conducting review for eDiscovery have become more difficult. Collaboration platforms contain many different communication functions and storage capabilities, rendering it harder to comprehensively collect and review than data contained in simple emails.

Many companies have turned to Microsoft Teams to integrate people, content, and tools to continue to be collaborative, engaged, and effective during this difficult time. As a result, Teams saw exponential growth in March 2020 with a 350%+ increase to 75 million daily users and in October 2020 reached a new daily active user average of 115 million active users. Epiq can help connect your Microsoft Teams deployment with your compliance and eDiscovery processes to ensure that Teams conversation threads, attachments, and overall context are maintained.

Epiq has developed a groundbreaking Compliance Connector that streamlines compliance and eDiscovery functions with Microsoft Teams deployments. 

How Does It Work?

Epiq’s Compliance Connector for Microsoft Teams builds on existing Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance and Advanced eDiscovery functionality to provide legal teams the context they need to assess Teams data for relevant and privileged content. The Compliance Connector provides the context needed by: 

  • Grouping message threads together for one-on-one, group chats, and channel chats. 
  • Allowing filtering by date ranges while preserving the message and attachment relationships and sub-replies. 
  • PDF output with the same look and feel as the Teams application, as well as an eDiscovery load-file. 
  • Identifies edited messages and the time of the edit

During the built-in Teams export process, files attached to a Teams message are represented as a modern attachment, which is a hyperlink to the attachment stored on SharePoint or OneDrive. The attachment is not embedded or exported with the Teams message. Epiq’s Compliance Connector overcomes this challenge by: 

  • Identifying and collecting modern attachments from wherever they may exist in the SharePoint or OneDrive environments and associating them with the Teams messages.  
  • The tool also compares the communication date of the Team chat to the version history of each file to associate the version shared at that point in time. 

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Making eDiscovery Easy in the Work from Home Age 

Collaborative platforms such as Microsoft Teams are quickly becoming a preferred means of communicating, collaborating, and storing information, and will likely surpass the more traditional sources for electronically stored data. Epiq’s Compliance Connector will become crucial for organizations using Microsoft Teams for their daily business operations. Deciding what data to retain and when to place legal holds should be included in eDiscovery planning and information governance policies. Then, organizations should update their information governance policies continually to ensure that when data is collected from Microsoft Teams, it is done properly to ensure communications are preserved in context. Epiq’s Compliance Connector provides a simple avenue to achieve this since it builds on existing Microsoft 365 Compliance and Advanced eDiscovery functionality.

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