Increasing Your Managed Services Benefits by Expanding Beyond eDiscovery

For many managed services programs in the legal market, eDiscovery applications, best-practices, and support personnel comprise most of the services being offered to law firms, law departments, and corporations.

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How Engaging Flexible Legal Talent Can Help Legal Departments Navigate Economic Uncertainty

As the economy rebounds from the Covid-19 induced recession, law departments face a difficult challenge. In many instances, workflow in law departments has spiked to above pre-pandemic levels, but most law departments are unable to make permanent hires and remain under the budget pressure that existed during the pandemic. As a result, law departments are working harder than ever to keep up, with burnout and attrition as a common consequence.

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Why You Want Your Providers to Have Industry Subject Matter Experts

Deciding who to choose as your organization’s legal services provider is a task that requires a lot of research and careful consideration. The first step is determining your current and future needs. Are you just looking for an eDiscovery provider? Someone who can help with several different functions – from information governance to legal spend management and more? After compiling a list of providers that offer what you need, it is important to understand how they operate and what tools they rely upon.

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Become More Efficient by Utilizing Managed Services to Deploy AI

True eDiscovery managed services is about a programmatic approach to process and technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics can be included in a managed services construct. With proper planning and consistent deployment, the benefits of AI can be maximized and lead to huge benefits such as time savings, cost savings, and better insight into data. Doing so will maximize the benefits of AI, and as AI platforms’ power and abilities grow, so do the benefits.

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