As Summer Temps Rise, the Need to Cut Costs Heats Up

The Buying Legal Council recently published results from their July “question of the week” survey, an update to an earlier survey distributed in April. The question, “how does your organization handle COVID-19,” is capturing a powerful trend: even as lockdowns are easing, the need to reduce costs is intensifying.

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Security Requirements in a COVID-19 Remote Work World

The COVID-19 outbreak has certainly changed the way that we view business operations in the short term but possibly forever.  While many organizations have business continuity plans in place, most plans only account for regional disasters.  Even for many mature organizations, they have not detailed a plan for situations with such a global impact as what COVID-19 has ushered.

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Returning to work: Not the same old, same old

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many essential employees continued to go into an office while millions of other workers shifted to remote work. However, as governmental regulations are slowly lifted, some who are working from home (WFH) are now being asked to return to an office.

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Avoid this Data Preservation Mishap During COVID-19 Staff Reductions

When a litigation or investigation is on the horizon, potentially relevant data cannot be deleted.  While utilizing technology to retain data systematically can prevent spoliation and the potentially severe consequences that come with it—such as monetary fines, adverse inferences, or forfeit of the case—improper application of data preservation technologies as it relates to departed employees’ accounts is the number one mistake made by IT and legal departments after an employee leaves an organization.

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