Robots are taking over the world!

Ok, maybe not robots, but data process automation is growing at an exponential rate. Every day businesses are finding new ways to replace antiquated, time consuming, and inefficient processes with technology-based solutions.  These technologies are in every industry from fast food with automated ordering systems and self-serve kiosks to robot bartenders.  And in the future we may see self-driving cars that will replace taxi drivers, school bus drivers, and semi-truck drivers.  As you can imagine, other businesses like banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and others in the service industry are following suit by looking for new ways to increase their bottom line by using technology to reduce costs.

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What is the best way to search for new and active bankruptcies in America?

We live in a digital era with smart phones, smart TV’s, and even smart homes.  Every business in the world has the ability to now automate many of their processes.  However, even with the availability of automation, there are still organizations using old technology that is inefficient and no longer cost effective.  One such example is filing notifications of bankruptcy for loan servicers and banks.

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Curing the headache of tracking and posting trustee payments on default loans

Today, loan servicers are faced with the headache of tracking and posting trustee payments to their loan portfolios. This is a lengthy process that can take a team of up to 10 people several hours on a weekly or monthly basis to monitor these debtors and their respective default loans. This manual process of linking to the National Data Center (NDC) and pulling the pre- and post-petition payments then manually applying them to the systems of record is inefficient and costly.

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24 Hour Photos and the US Court Case Management/Electronic Case Files System

It’s 2017. You don’t still put film in your camera, right? Of course not. We live in a digital era where pictures are taken from cell phones or digital cameras and can be viewed or shared instantly, but this blog is not about photographs and films, it’s about the US Court Case Management (CM) and Electronic Case Files (ECF) system and how we access the documents today.

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