Current Trends in European Competition Law Spark Proposal of New Tool

Globally, competition regulators have increased their attention to digital companies since big tech firms and dual platforms have the capabilities to gain disproportional advantages. Competition and antitrust laws aim to protect the integrity of competition in a particular market by creating and enforcing regulations geared towards anti-competitive behavior.

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How Combining Legal with Tech Can Offer Invaluable Insights and Business Intelligence

The legal industry is one of the last industries to jump on the digital transformation train, but the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing the legal industry to more readily accept tools that allow for more seamless remote processes. As such, this is a great time for legal organizations to figure out how they can enhance their practice and operations. At the heart of making this change successful are two factors: the collaboration between legal and technology professionals and putting business data to work.

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Too Much Chatter: The Challenges of Collecting and Reviewing Chat Messages

Chat data is a large component of business operations today, especially with the increase in the remote workforce. There are chat apps, videoconferencing and collaboration-based platforms that incorporate chat functions, and internal company messaging systems that allow users to communicate in real time for extended periods. Chat apps also promote collaboration by allowing file-sharing and incorporating global features. All of these things are great and vital to streamline business operations. However, when it comes to collecting chat data during litigation many obstacles come into light. Here are a few key problems that chat data imposes on review teams.

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Four Steps to Shed Light on Dark Data

The term “dark data” is tossed around often in the corporate sphere, but does anyone really know what it is? Dark data encompasses all data that organizations create and store as a part of regular business operations and processes, but never use. The data is usually unstructured, uncategorized, scattered, and as a result, it is often unknown to the company or the users.

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