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Eric Anderson Practice Lead, Search, Data, AI

United States

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Eric is the Practice Lead for Search, Data, and AI at Fireman & Company as part of Epiq. With over 20 years of experience at the intersection of business, technology, and the law, he initially joined Fireman & Company in 2017 as Director of Technology. His multifaceted background spans roles as a leader, change manager, software architect, and lead developer across the legal, insurance, and corporate services sectors.

Since joining Fireman & Company, Eric has emerged as an industry luminary in implementing legal search platforms. He's been at the helm of the industry's largest implementations of iManage Insight and Upland BAInsight. With an eye on the cloud, he has focused on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search and the suite of capabilities within Microsoft Azure to harness the power of knowledge for law firms. 

As the Data Practice Lead at Fireman & Company, Eric has been instrumental in setting up enterprise data platforms and data lakes for premier law firms, predominantly utilizing Azure Synapse and Microsoft Fabric. Eric has been critical in these firms adopting a data-driven approach and harnessing the power of data in legal.

As part of Fireman & Company’s advisory practice, Eric provides invaluable guidance to the world's largest law firms on their data and technology roadmaps. He works with firm leadership in crafting strategies and roadmaps, ensuring the leaders in the legal industry harness the full potential of evolving technological landscapes.

Eric has recently joined the Epiq Generative AI task force to take advantage of the power of these incredible technologies within the traditional use cases of legal search, data, and knowledge management. 

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