Single Event Lien Resolution

Lien resolution used to be hard. It was inefficient, cumbersome, and cluttered with emails, faxes, and phone calls. The process was fraught with pitfalls that could bring everything to a halt, eating up your client’s settlement and costing you time and money. So, we decided to change it.

We took our experience, combined it with everything our clients said about the pain of lien resolution, and created a whole new way to address healthcare liens. We are removing hassles – like reviewing claims, communicating with lienholders, and keeping track of the ever-changing rules of healthcare compliance. We are dedicated to freeing you to focus on what’s most important: aiming your resources at client-focused activities, ensuring satisfaction, and increasing referrals. We are in the business of helping your office get valuable time back with our self-guided lien resolution product -- all while working with a trusted team and system to be fully compliant.

Introducing LienDesk

Epiq LienDesk is the only online solution for resolving healthcare liens from beginning to end. It is built on state-of-the-art algorithms and workflows specifically tailored for healthcare lien resolution. 

Built from our experience of resolving millions of liens, the LienDesk portal operates in real-time to provide quick access to information and total transparency into a complicated process 

  • Stay on top: LienDesk stores and organizes your workflow. Automatically create, deliver, and manage critical documents to lienholders and other parties.
  • Stay informed: LienDesk gives you real-time notifications. You always know when it is time to take action.
  • Stay in compliance: We understand the laws and regulations. You can rest assured that it is all being done right.

Medicare Set Aside (MSA)

In some personal injury settlements, a portion of the plaintiff’s settlement award is earmarked for future medical care. If the plaintiff is a Medicare beneficiary, the government expects those funds to be set aside to cover any future costs of care related to the injury covered by the settlement. Failing to properly estimate the cost of future care, inappropriate allocations of the award, or spending those dollars incorrectly can result in penalties from Medicare. Epiq resolves these complex issues through our Future Medical Allocation services. Our expert team creates customized Medicare Set Aside (MSA) accounts through our subsidiary, Affiance Partners, in order to set up and administer the MSA account so that claimants’ future healthcare needs are met, while appropriately considering Medicare’s interest.

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