Single Event Lien Resolution

Epiq handles healthcare insurance lien obligations and future medical expense determinations and allocations (e.g. Medicare set aside evaluations) in individual (single event) cases for thousands of firms across the country. We ensure that each of your cases receive attention from a dedicated team of analysts by integrating with your firm’s internal processes.

We establish a system to send Epiq each case that your firm takes on in order to evaluate it for healthcare lien obligations. If no obligations or potential future medical issues exist, Epiq notifies your firm that you are clear to disburse the settlement funds. If healthcare liens are found and the case could qualify for a future medical allocation, our analysts act as an extension of your office to work on behalf of your clients to evaluate, process, and resolve any obligations on your behalf.

In some personal injury settlements, a portion of the plaintiff’s settlement award is earmarked for future medical care. If the plaintiff is a Medicare beneficiary, the government expects those funds to be set aside to cover any future costs of care related to the injury covered by the settlement. Failing to properly estimate the cost of future care, inappropriate allocations of the award, or spending those dollars incorrectly can result in penalties from Medicare. Epiq resolves these complex issues through our Future Medical Allocation services. Our expert team also creates customized Medicare Set Aside (MSA) accounts to ensure that claimants’ future healthcare needs are met, while appropriately considering Medicare’s interests.

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