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Mass Tort Fund
Administration & Payments

Mass Tort Fund Administration & Payments

Partner with the best-in class to manage the administrative burden and coordinate fund distributions.

Uniquely qualified and supported by trust counsel and banking professionals, Epiq uses qualified settlement funds (QSF) and other trust or escrow vehicles to facilitate the disbursement of mass tort settlement proceeds and the resolution of all settlement considerations.

Epiq works with financial institutions to implement QSF agreements according to MSA terms and prevent unnecessary fees and disbursement requirements, as well as ensure compliance with Treasury regulations.

Having managed hundreds of QSFs and Settlement Trusts with more than $8 billion in assets, Epiq has the knowledge needed to administer medical, pharmaceutical, economic, environmental, and financial service settlements. Some examples include the BP Medical Settlement Trust, Yaz/Yasmin, Vioxx, World Trade Center, Sprint Fiber Optics, and Chinese Drywall.

Epiq develops payment governance processes to ensure prompt, consistent, and compliant distribution of funds in accordance with the terms of each settlement, whether through wire transfers or individual checks. Even if we are not the administrator of the primary fund, we can assist with creating sub-QSF accounts to hold funds for further allocation to clients, while providing the tax advantages that a QSF offers.

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