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Mass Tort
Claims Administration

Settlement Claims Administration

Streamline your mass tort claims with our expert administration services.

From initial notification of settlement through final disbursement of funds, we offer comprehensive solutions for efficient and effective mass tort claims management.

In both large-scale consolidated and smaller inventory-by-inventory mass tort settlements, we engineer and deliver comprehensive programs that provide prompt and transparent service in strict compliance with the parties’ requirements.

Epiq helps our clients focus on advocating for their clients without getting bogged down by the back-office burden. Law firms often must hire and train temporary staff or assign their staff to handle these tasks. With Epiq, law firms can avoid the cost and time involved in hiring and training new staff, and free their permanent staff to work on substantive case issues.

Claims administration services include:

Call Center Support

Epiq’s highly trained call center team members, including paralegals, nurses, and counselors, understand your specific project and litigation criteria, extending your client service and communication approach.

  • Available 24/7, the Epiq team is scalable and has the capacity to handle tens of thousands of inbound and outbound calls each day.
  • All calls are recorded for quality control and services support multiple languages.
Settlement Document Processing

Epiq’s correspondence process minimizes deficiencies and enhances understanding across:

  • Tracking, reviewing, and mailing inbound release packets for completeness and validity. 
  • Processing re-mailings of defective release packets with instructions for remedying the defect. 
  • Receiving and reviewing curing submissions from claimants, complete with providing weekly detailed reports on document processing activity. 
  • Facilitating defense counsel review and affirmation or dispute of completed processed settlement release packets and documentation. 
Case Adjudication and Award Allocation Support

Epiq designs and reviews medical record data to apply point-based allocation models to ensure similarly situated claimants are treated equitably and facilitates the fair and objective distribution of settlement proceeds. 

Epiq’s expert team of attorneys and nurse reviewers have consulted on the development and administered injury award allocation criteria for more than 150,000 mass tort claimants. This team reviews:

  • each submitted case for enrollment into the settlement in accordance with the MSA (Medicare Set Aside) and such process terms. 
  • against procedures set by the client or Special Master, issues notices of point or award determination, handles requests for reconsideration or appeal, and calculates payable amounts.

Find out more about Epiq’s Settlement Claims Administration Services.