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Mass Tort Healthcare
Lien Resolution Services

Epiq navigates complex matters with the experience and resources to efficiently resolve liens for the biggest settlements.

Experience with Healthcare Insurers

Epiq’s years of experience working with Medicare, Medicaid, military, and other government and private insurers enables us to consistently achieve the most favorable lien resolution values for claimants, maximizing net settlement awards.

We have unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the field, as well as the compassion and discretion to handle the most delicate cases.

Epiq resolves healthcare liens asserted by the following entities:

  • Medicare Parts A and B. If Medicare has paid for any treatments related to an injury covered by the settlement, federal law gives Medicare the first right to recover some or all the payments. Additional healthcare insurers, if any, recover secondary to Medicare.
  • Medicare Part C. This includes healthcare coverage that is a replacement for Medicare Parts A and B. Private insurance companies often administer Medicare Part C coverage. Over the past two plus years, the percentage of Medicare Part C beneficiaries has increased from 33% to over 50%, noting to be enrolled means those beneficiaries were originally on Medicare Parts A/B.
  • State Medicaid. Every state and territory has its own Medicaid agency and each has its own set of regulations. Medicaid’s right of recovery is similar (but secondary) to Medicare’s. Further complicating this process is the rise of Medicaid’s Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).
  • Military or Other Governmental Healthcare. If a claimant has healthcare insurance through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Defense Health Agency (formerly TRICARE), Indian Health Service (IHS), or another government agency (such as Federal Employee Plan sponsors), and if that entity has made healthcare payments on the claimant’s behalf as a result of the litigation-related injury, then the agency may be entitled to recovery.
  • Private Insurers. A private healthcare insurer, such as health insurance provided by a claimant’s employer, may be entitled to recovery in a manner like government health insurers, but the private insurer’s right of recovery depends on the plan’s contract language and the laws of the state in which it operates, or in some cases, federal law. In the mass tort context, Epiq’s experts were at the forefront of designing and implementing private lien resolution programs where the cases involve a larger number of claimants, matching thousands of claimants with multiple participating health plans through their recovery agents to create core efficiencies.

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