Everlaw is a cloud-based platform built for legal professionals that enables teams to collaboratively discover information, reveal its underlying structure, and act on those insights.

Epiq is a platform-agnostic legal services provider and, as a result, we are constantly evaluating the tools and platforms that are available in the marketplace.

Everlaw combines speed, security, and ease-of-use into a unified, comprehensive SaaS platform that unlocks the collaborative power of legal teams and enables them to investigate issues thoroughly, uncover truth quickly, and present their findings clearly.

Everlaw’s strengths lie in its user-friendly interface, simple pricing model, and extensive feature capabilities.

Email threading
Reduce the total number of emails needing review, and easily find missing emails in complicated chains by reviewing emails in context.

Foreign language translation
Understand documents, and ensure that only the most relevant documents are elevated for foreign-language review.

Predictive coding
Improve review efficiency and accuracy by prioritizing review on documents with predicted likelihood of being relevant.

Audio/video transcription
Instantly read information with searchable transcripts of audio and video files that can be viewed alongside audio/video playback.

Data visualization
Gain key insights into document dates, metadata, contents, formats, review activity, and predicted relevance with interactive visualizations.

Performance graphs
Create a more defensible model and determine when to stop review, with performance statistics on a random sample of the reviewed holdout documents.

Self-service uploader
Eliminate the complexity of FTP, and cut the cost of mailing physical media by uploading data directly into the Everlaw platform.

Batch redactions
Automatically identify and redact words, phrases, metadata or PII without the need to manually redact each document.

Visual query builder
Build and run complex, repeatable searches and understand the nature of each search with visual parameter overviews.

Cloud storage integration
Upload data directly from popular cloud storage providers, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, One Drive, and Google Vault.

Native document viewer
Review documents in your browser, from native spreadsheets to videos, chat files, medical images, and CAD files.

Unmatched processing speeds
Processing speeds are 10x faster than legacy systems and 5x faster than cloud competitors.

Eliminate the need to export and import documents into other systems, with a document repository that highlights the key documents.

Craft cohesive outlines for depositions, case arguments, or other narratives on a platform that integrates with discovered documents.

Eliminate the need to print out physical copies, pass handwritten notes, and transfer key information online with integrated deposition tracking tools.

Import electronic transcripts from court reporters so you can review, annotate, link exhibits, and perform other legal work all on the same platform.

Secure communication
Resolve issues faster and make quick decisions with in-platform messaging to help you and your teams collaborate without compromising security.

Seamless sharing
Create assignments, binders of documents, and folders that can easily be shared with reviewers and admins through granular permissions that are easily managed.

Everlaw sets the bar for cloud security
We prioritize keeping important data safe with enterprise-class security protocols and privacy standards. Everlaw’s approach spans architecture, software design, people, and process, and has been validated by SOC 2 Type II certification in addition to being FedRAMP “Authorized to Operate". Everlaw have also completed voluntary independent audits for HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

Access & encryption
All data is encrypted in transit and at rest with options for multi-factor authentication and single sign-on login.

Proactive security
Regular intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and continuous monitoring on Everlaw’s codebase.

System availability
Average annual uptime exceeds 99.9%.

Deep resourcefulness
Expect experienced people along with the right resources in the right place at the right time to handle matters of any size with speed, precision, and accountability.

Local expertise
Consulting and administration utilising our global team means you get a comprehensive plan and execution from start to finish.

Global support model
State-of-the-art facilities and software products around the globe deliver the efficiencies and metrics you care about with complete process transparency and confidence.

World-class security
Our highly-secure on-premises and cloud-based data centres are geographically dispersed and monitored 24/7/365.

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